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Enabling modern collaboration

MOCA365 enables modern collaboration architecture in Microsoft 365 

Reduce costs and challenges by automating your end-to-end digital workplace configurations. MOCA365 automates security, compliance, GDPR rules, and workflows.

Enabling collaboration

MOCA365 puts it all together

At its core, MOCA365 is a provisioning and governance engine for Microsoft 365

MOCA365 allows IT pros and business consultants to configure fully featured workspaces which supports the organisation in meeting its objectives. You can design and provision collaborative workspaces and sites to support your organisation in a secure way. IT pros can govern and manage the workspaces created to avoid sprawl.

MOCA365 even allows users to self-service as the need arise. Automated configuration of Teams, SharePoint, and applications ensure adherence to the established governance model. Throughout, the organisation is in complete control of the data and ensures compliance from A through Z.


The Intrazone talks to our experts in Copenhagen

It is a world of templates, from beginning to end – if you want to finish on time. The Intrazone by Mark Kashman, senior product manager at Microsoft, has invited our SharePoint experts; CTO Peter Brinch Larsen, and principal consultant Lars Kristensen to a talk about the real-world use and adoption of templates, governance, and how we help streamline a business.

case story

Novo Nordisk thrilled with MOCA365

Meet Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect from Novo Nordisk Global IT. 

Which tool when

MOCA365 guides the user

MOCA365 obliterates the confusion surrounding the use of apps, and where specific data belongs

MOCA365 self-service portal guides the user to the right selection, by defining workspaces that can be used and created by your organisation.

By using MOCA365, people only see the workspace templates relevant to them, and not all templates available to  the organisation as a whole. Predefined settings and configurations make it easy to get started.


Solution accelerators

Build a bespoke solution supporting your organisation.

Customers have employed MOCA365 for a wide variety of use-cases. Many of these usage scenarios are available as solution accelerators, which again can be used as a stepping stone to build a bespoke solution supporting the needs of the organisation.

We have following accelerators available today:

Search portal
(based on PnP Search)
Intranet based on SharePoint communication sites
Structured-documents solution
Project sites
Department sites

“We call MOCA365 – the provisioning engine” because it enables provisioning exactly the way we want. At the same time, we have created the framework for a solution which has shown – even after the implementation – easy to adapt and develop upon. MOCA365 has truly provided us with what we needed.”

Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect, Novo Nordisk Global IT


Talk to a specialist

Enabling modern collaboration with MOCA365. Talk to a specialist and learn how MOCA365 is at its core a provisioning and governance engine for Microsoft 365.