Video: Senior Solution Architect introduces new global platform at Novo Nordisk

Written by: Claus Jarrels
Date: 01/09/2023

Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect at Novo Nordisk Global IT, introduces the new global platform (Clinical Trials Portal) on Microsoft 365. The platform is the foundation for creating and configuring of Teams for the so-called Trials Squads in the development organisation.

After the general shift to the M365 platform in 2021, the development organisation of Novo Nordisk faced revisions of their solution for collaborations and sharing of contents within clinical studies. The requirement was efficient deployment and adaptability of Teams and other associated tools of M365.

At Novo Nordisk A/S, the choice was MOCA365 – a new software solution offering easy self-service, and at the same time making available intelligent and user-friendly Teams and SharePoint collaboration rooms.

As the DNA of Novo Nordisk is research and development, an important theme is flexibility and adaptability. The projects are often done over long periods, involve many different parties from many different locations, and with an array of functions. This means that documentation and friction-free sharing of information and data is a master discipline.

Watch the Clinical Trials Portal presentation by Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect at Novo Nordisk Global IT

  • Introduction to the Clinical Trials Portal
  • The vision – the strategic purpose (2:30)
  • What about zilo’s? (5:55)
  • Learnings (6:48)
  • How to kick such an automatization process off? (7:22)

Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect at Novo Nordisk Global IT

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