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Understand the full potential of Microsoft 365

As part of our consultancy work as experts in SharePoint and Microsoft 365, we recognise it can be difficult for organisations to fully understand and use the full potential of Microsoft 365.

The vision for MOCA365 is to always complement and enable Microsoft 365 standard functionality – while avoiding any changes to the platform.

“MOCA365 is built to maximise the investment  organisations have made in their Microsoft 365 licenses,
 by making it easier to achieve greatness.”

Claus Jarrels CEO, Pointwork

Our story

MOCA365 rapidly expands internationally

The first version of MOCA365 was developed in 2015 by Pointwork A/S

MOCA365 is designed and focus solely on Microsoft 365 – SharePoint Online, Microsoft teams, Yammer and the whole Microsoft Online ecosystem for collaboration and communication purposes.

The product is developed and maintained by Pointwork A/S which is a highly skilled Danish Microsoft consultancy agency with SharePoint Development as one of our core specialties.

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MOCA365 is developed by Pointwork A/S – a highly skilled Microsoft consultancy agency with SharePoint Development as a core competency

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