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How you create an efficient collaboration platform in one of the most regulated industries

Written by: Peter Brinch Larsen
Date: 13/06/2023

More and more companies and organisations are requesting a collaboration and communications platform on M365, Teams, and SharePoint with efficient structure, without compromising security or compliance. Read how an IT operations organisation for Nordic member banks achieved this in one of the most regulated industries.

Lack of structure and security is a big challenge when the aim is to create a common collaboration platform on M365, Teams, and SharePoint in companies and organisations. Often, the employees are confused when it comes to which applications  to use and when to use them. At the same time, the lack of structure makes it cumbersome to find the correct documents and information quickly and efficiently. It is also often difficult to gain access to the built-up knowledge and history needed.

In addition, a common collaboration platform often comes with a muchincreased workload on the administration and maintenance. The administrations is tasked with coordinating several organisational departments to ensure that important and valuable knowledge is added to each team and site, maintain an overview, ensure compliance and GDPR regulations are complied with, and more. That requires a lot of resources, and it quickly becomes expensive.

With all that in mind, is it even possible to create a collaboration and communications platform with increased autonomy and self-service at the end-user without loss of control and security, and without the company drowning in administration?

Yes, absolutely it is – and even with great value to the entire organisation. At Pointwork, we have solved the Gordian knot with one of the most regulated IT operations organisations in Scandinavia. We have created a secure collaboration solution for the financial sector, servicing more than 100 small and large banks in Scandinavia.

To this end, MOCA365 is an automated configuration engine ensuring complete control over data and makes the use of M365, Teams, and SharePoint of the organisation compliant, manageable, and efficient.

Increased autonomy for the end-user

With MOCA365, the IT operations organisation is able to offer the banks, their branches, and users predefined collaboration rooms on Teams and SharePoint sites, adding important and valuable knowledge to the company. This makes it easy for the end-user to create different collaboration rooms by themselves. It might me a collaboration room for confidential talks at a managerial level, collaboration rooms for projects, for procurement, and more. The end-user received the exact type of room that is needed, while governance is incorporated implicitly in the individual types of collaboration rooms.

By orchestrating it this way, the end-user experiences a high degree of autonomy, without the organisation losing control, and without compromising security. MOCA365 ensures security, compliance, GDPR-regulations, and workflows.

When IT managers in the member banks previously experiences that the request for a collaboration could take days or weeks because the request had to go through the IT departments of the operations organisation’s central IT operations, the end-user can now do the request online by themselves instantly and in short order get to work.

The figure above shows that via its data centre, an IT operations organisation can service an extremely complicated structure in financial and regulated industries without compromising security. In it, 100 member banks and financial institutes, each with its own branches and employees who needs a collaboration platform.

Administration frees up important resources

Today, the IT operations organisation behind the bank has reduced costs and labour significantly by automating end-to-end configurations.

In this way, the increased autonomy of the end-user frees up important resources from the administration of the collaboration rooms which can then be used for monitoring and better service of the member banks.

MOCA365 also affords greater oversight and better management of all collaboration rooms. For example, the solution will make it clear if a collaboration room no longer has an owner  – i.e. if an owner has vacated his or her position, or if the person has been moved to a new position in the organisation. By notifying, a new owner can quickly be found, or IT can close unused collaboration rooms instantly.

New collaboration rooms in the future

MOCA365 allows for many routes to extend the new collaboration and communications platform. For example, it would be obvious to develop templates so a collaboration room offers project models, where associated documents, tabs, channels, and more is automatically created.

Today at the member banks, all collaboration rooms are cordoned off for collaboration partners and clients. That means that the banks are unable to collaborate with external users. To overcome this, it would be quick and easy to develop a template controlling the dialogue with the client, while also ensure compliance.

Common workflos – that is – adapted standard solutions that is able to be rolled out across departments – is of great value to many companies and organisations. At the member banks, there might be a need for them to create SharePoint sites themselves. That is to say; Intranet preconfigured with contents and a predefined structure, communication sites, and search. In this fashion, the Scandinavian IT platform covers many future requirements.

If one member bank in particular has a concrete ned, the solution can be made more generic and easily be distributed to theother business units, banks, branches, departments, and functions who might also have that need. As such, great value is created across the organisation.

Are you ready for a digital quantum leap for your organisation? At Pointwork, we advise companies and organisation in all industries.

MOCA365 affords structure and order for technologies and platforms

Basic requirements for MOCA365

  • Increased autonomy for the member banks through self-service portal without compromising security
  • High degree of security and efficient governance – for example, a user must never be able to share confidential information externally outside of a collaboration room
  • Compliance at all times.

Advantages of MOCA365 Multi Tenancy in complex organisations

Optimum collaboration rooms for the user

  • Quick and easy access to predefined collaboration on Teams or SharePoint
  • Always the right tools at hand
  • Lifecycle management og efficient search makes it easy to gain an overview
  • Improved oversight and easy management of collaboration rooms
  • Complete control of guest users

Simplified IT management

  • Standardised and automated configuration of M365 minimises the need for specialists
  • Central IT operations and management reduces complexity and frees up IT management resources
  • Individual solutions can be made generic
  • Complete data security and compliance

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