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Novo Nordisk thrilled with MOCA365

”MOCA365 has been a great success,” says Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect at Novo Nordisk Global IT about the new global platform which is the foundation for creating and configuring of Teams for the so-called Trials Squads in the development organisation

After the general shift to the M365 platform in 2021, the development organisation of Novo Nordisk faced further revisions of their solution for collaborations and sharing of contents within clinical studies. Where, previously, the requirement was an on-premise SharePoint solution, it was now efficient deployment and adaptability of Teams and other associated tools of M365.

At Novo Nordisk A/S, the choice was MOCA365 – a new software solution offering easy self-service, and at the same time making available intelligent and user-friendly Teams and SharePoint collaboration rooms.

As the DNA of Novo Nordisk is research and development, an important theme is flexibility and adaptability. The projects are often done over long periods, involve many different parties from many different locations, and with an array of functions. This means that documentation and friction-free sharing of information and data is a master discipline.

“Our world is so complicated and multi-facetted that no standard solution can do it all. We needed a solution that was very capable of adapting to our specific needs. With MOCA365, we chose the optimum configurable solution and established a collaboration with the best supplier we could find for our needs and the way we work,” Anders Jepsen says.

Basic requirements for MOCA365

  • Simple and flexible management – should be automated wherever possible
  • Support the structures and streamline collaboration of the development department
  • The platform should minimise the risk of errors by reducing the amount of manual work
  • Uniformity in structure, naming, sharing, availability etc.

Complete control and high degree of flexibility

Depending on where in the world a product is to be delivered, the requirement differs. It is difficult to navigate that, and it is far from a ’one-size-fits-all’.

“We wished to make the best framework available to our colleagues, so they have to make as few decisions as possible and instead focus on research and creativity – everything that drives the business. We are in complete control – without losing the ability of the local projects for personalisation and configuration,” says Anders Jepsen, and adds:

“We call MOCA365 the Provisioning Engine because it enables provisioning exactly as we want it. At the same time, we have created the framework for a solution which has shown – even after the implementation – easy to adapt and develop upon. MOCA365 has truly provided us with what we needed.”

Successful adoption

Beyond the need for control and automation, it was very important to Novo Nordisk that Teams with the aid of MOCA365 was adopted quickly by the employees in the individual trials.

“We needed to create a project fitting for our learning environment. It needed to be easy to introduce existing colleagues to the new platform, and even easier to onboard new colleagues. For this, MOCA365 has been a great success in the automation of the unique setup for each trial and the onboarding of relevant employees,” Anders Jepsen says.

“MOCA365 has truly provided us with what we needed”

Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect, Novo Nordisk Global IT

Inspiring and valuable collaboration

Novo Nordisk purposefully looked for a supplier willing to spend time and energy on business insight. Among other things, Anders Jepsen appreciates that the Pointwork team has been present and flexible throughout.

“Pointwork are fantastic specialists. Their understanding of business and ability to see and think like us is tremendously appreciated. I will claim that they have taught me most of what I know today about SharePoint. They inspire, think out of the box, while also accepting our input. I will even go as far as to say that we have grown each other – a lot! We feel as partners, not as customers, Anders Jepsen says, and adds:

“When I think of the flexibility we experienced and the service we received during the pandemic, it underscores my notion that we are more than a customer – it instils trust. It makes me trust that I can count on their advice, and that they understand that we are both people, customers, and partners. It is immensely healthy and productive for our collaboration. To me, they’re experts – both technologically, business-wise, and in their consultancy. It is definitely value for money!”

“Pointwork are fantastic specialists. Their understanding of business and ability to see and think like us is tremendously appreciated”

Advantages of collaborating with Pointwork

  • Prioritise time and energy understanding
    the business
  • Great and valuable expert knowledge of SharePoint as a development platform
  • Great flexibility and great service
  • Spar with experts on a high level.

Industry: A Danish multinational pharmaceutical company

Problem: Novo Nordisk needed a provisioning engine on Microsoft 365 to automatically create Teams in specific organisational setups called Trial Squads.

Solution: MOCA 365 is a provisioning engine on Microsoft 365.

Result: Benefits of the provisioning engine:

  • A standardised baseline
  • Time savings
  • Initial “big bang” of adoption
  • Breaking down silos and supporting an open sharing-culture.

Purpose: The strategic purpose is to explore how Novo Nordisk can use business data to drive and leverage into a more efficient digital workplace.

“Pointwork are fantastic specialists. Their understanding of business and ability to see and think like us is tremendously appreciated”

Anders Jepsen, Senior Solution Architect,
Novo Nordisk Global IT

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