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Boost your Microsoft 365 Business

You are probably known for providing professional advice and deliveries on Microsoft 365. You have helped customers and partners with your deliveries.

Pointwork has helped many customers and partners deliver more advanced services within data security, compliance, and digitalization of M365, using the MOCA365 standardization engine. Customers and partners experience many of the benefits below.

Typical challenges

• Customers’ growing needs require deep knowledge across the platform be it Teams, SharePoint, governance, document management, data security and automation

• You experience a lot of pressure on internal resources to be able to deliver more advanced solu-tions

• It’s hard to get the right consultants

• It is expensive to access and retain specialists, knowledge, and knowhow, e.g., SharePoint con-sultants and specialists within SharePoint

• Microsoft 365 requires individual, manual configuration of each team and SharePoint sites

• Governance and data security are context-sensitive and require manual handling

• Configuration and maintenance are manual and resource-intensive

Why MOCA365’s standardization engine is the solution

MOCA365 is a standardization engine that enables you to provide standardized collaboration spaces in Teams and SharePoint that meet customer requirements for data security and compliance on Teams, SharePoint and M365. You able to boost your deliveries to more advanced solutions that can easily handle governance on Teams.

Dynamic model

Today, MOCA365 can be delivered to your needs. It can be delivered as a standard «single tenant» solution installed in own tenant and as a SaaS solution. In addition, the solution can be delivered as a multi-tenant solution adapted to an advanced reseller model.


• Boost your delivery apparatus by delivering more advanced services with fewer resources

• Standardized and automated configuration of the M365 increases quality and minimizes the need for specialists

• Simplified IT management reduces complexity, frees up IT resources

• You achieve a higher contribution margin per customer

• You can reuse and resell existing standardized solutions at full profit

• You can retain customers and expand your customer segment

• Simple and easy, advanced maintenance and lifecycle management

Claus Jarrels CEO, Pointwork

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